Mortgage Referral Scheme

Refer your friends and relatives to enjoy MorWiser free mortage referral and consulting services. When they drawdown the mortgage loan with the bank that we referrd to them, you can earn up to 0.xx% cash rebate of the Mortgage amount. 

Terms and conditions:

  • To quality for the referral incentive,bank's confirmation is required to assure that the referee has successfully drawdown the mortgage loan referred by MorWiser.

  • Referral will be based on a first-come-first-served basis when there is more than one referral source for the same application.

  • Referrer must complete the Mortgage Referreal Form and fax or email to MorWiser before the drawdown date of the referee's mortgage loan,or the regarding reward will not be valid.

  • MorWiser reserves the right to change the termd of the above offers without prior notice.

For inquiries, please call MorWiser Hotline at 3990 0799. 

Fax Number 3705 2829 / Email

We are member of Hong Kong Real Estate Agecies General Assosiation (Membership No. 8350)