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Pace picks up with Kai Tak, Lohas Park launches

The first homes at the new LP10 tower in Lohas Park will go on sale this week, while more homes have been offered at the Monaco development in Kai Tak.

Nan Fung Group expects to release the first price list of LP10 this week while Wheelock Properties has released 80 units in the second price list for Monaco at an average price of HK$23,710 per square foot after discounts, about 4.6 percent higher than the first price list.

The cheapest flat, measuring 354 sq ft, costs HK$8.19 million.

Wheelock Properties expects to receive about 1,500 checks for Monaco.

Nan Fung said the first batch of homes at LP10 will include at least 179 flats.

In the secondary market, a 489-sq-ft unit at Amoy Gardens in Kwun Tong sold for HK$8.02 million, or HK$16,417 per sq ft, hitting a 34-year high at the estate, according to property agent. The seller, who purchased the unit for HK$6.22 million in 2015, will earn a capital gain of HK$1.8 million.

Another 322-sq-ft flat at Amoy Gardens changed hands for HK$5.65 million, or HK$17,547 per sq ft. Panic selling during the 2003 SARS epidemic saw a flat at Amoy Gardens - which was the epicenter of the outbreak - change hands for HK$550,000 at the time.

In the commercial property market, agent forecasts that both Grade A office and prime street shop prices will decline more moderately by 5 percent to 10 percent over the first six months of the year before stabilizing from the third quarter onwards, with volumes likely to continue their upward trend in the first half of the year, assuming the Covid-19 pandemic eases in the first half of 2021 and borders are gradually reopened in the second half of the year.

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Hong Kong’s ‘haunted homes’ sell for steep discounts during downturn, giving first-time buyers a way in

Properties stigmatised by murder or suicide can be around 30 per cent cheaper than ‘normal’ homes, according to agents

At times of market uncertainty, the bargains can become even greater as owners of homes tainted by unnatural death drop prices further still to compete

Even in a slump, Hong Kong’s famously lofty property prices can be enough to send a shudder down the spine. But if that doesn’t do it, how about the thought of sharing a flat with a ghost?

Homes touched by untimely or violent death more often than not come with huge discounts for those brave enough to take the plunge, say agents. And during times of market uncertainty – such as now – the bargains can become even more pronounced, giving first-time buyers and investors an entry point.

“When the market softens, [these flats] will be less popular because owners of normal flats are willing to cut their prices. As the market booms, when prices are high, these flats with lower prices have a higher chance of selling,” property agent said.

Properties stigmatised by murder or suicide can be around 30 per cent cheaper than “normal” homes, according to another agent. Even flats on the same floor often come at a sharp discount.

For instance, a flat measuring 612 square feet in Elizabeth House in Causeway Bay changed hands last May for HK$8.9 million, 22.6 per cent below market price, Lee said. The reason? It was on the same floor as an unsolved murder case dating back to 1984.

And at City One in Sha Tin, a flat measuring 451 sq ft that has another one said to be haunted on the same level, recently went for HK$6.38 million, 20 per cent, or HK$1.59 million lower than the bank valuation of a similar unit downstairs.

City One has a particularly high prevalence of homes tainted by unnatural death, simply because of the sheer number of units there, according to the agent. This affects rents as well as prices.

“Many could be leased at lower than market levels,” the agent said.

A flat measuring some 300 sq ft that normally leases at HK$13,000 a month could be rented out for as little as HK$9,000 if there was a sudden death, a discount of some 30 per cent, the agent said. If the flat was normally worth HK$5 million, it may change hands at more like HK$3 million. With the HK$9,000 of rent, the yield could be 2 to 3 per cent.

Not only is the possibility of sharing a home with the spirits of the departed an unpalatable thought for many, it is also bad for feng shui, the ancient Chinese belief that the external environment affects the fortunes of people inside.

Valuation agencies jot down the addresses of homes touched by tragedy in their database. For cases that involve particularly grisly details – such as a dead body being dismembered – they may choose not to even undertake the valuation, and the mortgage request may not be approved.

Some banks might still give the mortgage the nod, provided the income and liquid capital of the buyer is good, but it will often carry a loan-to-value ratio about 10 per cent lower than usual, depending on the case’s seriousness.

The mortgage rate, too, is likely to be higher by at least 0.1 per cent.

Banks are more conservative with such properties because “haunted flats may be difficult to resell as the Chinese tend to avoid them,” a mortgage brokerage service company said.

“The range of customers is narrower and the resale value is lower. There will be a larger discount [in valuation] if they have concerns.”

Potential buyers should beware if a flat’s valuation is “unavailable or particularly low” compared to similar units in the building, Tso added. They can get the relevant information by searching online, asking agents, or quizzing the flat’s neighbours or the building’s security guard.

(South China Morning Post)


金鐘海富中心 間隔靈活合用家







用戶方面,該廈因鄰近高等法院,大廈深得律師歡心,很多用戶為律師樓,另醫務所亦是主力用戶,其他商戶包括內企保利置業 (00119) 等。


成交方面,大廈於商廈高峰期,呎價高見3.5萬元,涉及1期高層B02室,單位面積3,061平方呎,成交價1.09億元,呎價35,609元。隨着近一年的疫情影響,整體甲廈呎價向下,而海富中心價格相對硬淨,跌幅不算太大。對上一宗較大手買賣,為去年11月,海富中心1座32樓01室,面積5,568平方呎,望海景及政府總部景觀,以逾1.58億元售出,呎價28,500元。資料顯示,新買家為金健集團有限公司 (GOLDEN KING HOLDINGS LIMITED),而公司董事為黃熾恒 (HUANG CHIHENG),其名字與廣東海倫堡地產集團創始人暨董事長相同。原業主為通用 (中國) 控股有限公司,其於2012年以9,682萬元買入上址,持貨8年,轉手賺6,186.8萬元,物業期內升值逾6成。











西環香港商業中心 意向呎價1萬




低層單位連約 叫價777




堅尼地城項目 放售逾7成業權







柬埔寨富豪 統一白加道51號業權


售出單位位於山頂白加道51號Epworth Lodge低層2室,實用面積1,424平方呎,業主原以8,200萬元放盤,終以7,800萬元易手,呎價54,775元,創屋苑呎價新高紀錄。

根據土地註冊處資料,新買家為陳松林 (TANDIJONO HOMAN SENTONI),即柬埔寨富豪、身兼柬埔寨總統航空 (President Airlines)、金邊賭場「Holiday Palace」及香港「飛龍旅行社」老闆陳俊堅 (TANDIJONO TONY) 的兒子。

樓齡72 計劃重建

資料顯示,Epworth Lodge於1949年落成,樓齡高達72年,據區內代理透露,項目共有6個單位,而陳俊堅已經持有其中5個單位,料是次買入最後一個單位後,陳氏可統一該物業業權,料計劃重建。

而原業主會德豐大股東吳光正女婿、連卡佛載思集團 (LCJG) 主席兼行政總裁吳宗恩丈夫、英籍律師馬健能 (John Paul McLellan),則於2004年以約1,380萬元購入上述單位,是次轉手帳面獲利約6,420萬元離場,期內升值4.7倍。



甲廈租金去年急跌18.3% 代理:金融海嘯以來最差