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SHKP forks out $3.7b more for Sai Kung project

Sun Hung Kai Properties (0016) yesterday said it had won a sustainability-linked loan of HK$8.65 billion while also revealing that it recently paid another land premium of HK$3.72 billion for its Shap Sze Heung project in Sai Kung, bring the total premium paid to HK$19.6 billion.

Sun Hung Kai first forked out HK$15.89 billion in land premium in 2017, which was HK$3,193 per sq ft. This time, the premium per sq ft of floor area was HK$4,245, a 33 percent increase from four years earlier.

The developer also revealed that total number of residential flats skyrocketed by more than 92 percent to 9,500 units from 4,930 units in 2017 while the gross floor area grew by 17.6 percent to 5.85 million sq ft.

Meanwhile, its Kennedy 38 in Kennedy Town unveiled the first price list involving 70 units at an average discounted price of HK$26,888 per sq ft, around 5 to 8 percent lower than the second-hand project nearby.

Sales are expected to launch next week, according to Victor Lui Ting, the deputy managing director of SHKP.

Its other project, Wetland Seasons Bay phase two in Tin Shui Wai, opened the latest price list of 164 units, ranging from HK$4.32 million to HK$12.5 million after discounts.

Together with eight tenders and seven outstanding units in the first phase, a total of 179 flats will be ready for purchase on Saturday.

In other news, the prices of Hong Kong's ultra-luxury homes jumped 7.2 percent year-on-year in the past 12 months ended September, beating all the tier-one cities in China but under-performing the global average of 9.5 percent, property agency said.

And a local property agency said a that 5 percent increase in home prices around the world next year is expected.

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Citibank poll shows Hongkongers less optimistic about home price rises, points to downward adjustment

Citi Residential Property Ownership Survey finds that the number of people expecting property prices to rise fell to 38 per cent in the third quarter from 54 per cent in the previous three-month period

Drop in property prices a ‘very minor adjustment’, property agent says, expects prices to rise by 5 per cent next year

Hong Kong home prices might see a downward adjustment after peaking in August, as fewer Hongkongers remained optimistic about price rises in the coming year, Citibank said on Thursday.

A survey conducted by the bank found that the number of people who expected property prices to rise further had fallen to 38 per cent in the third quarter from 54 per cent in the previous three-month period. The figure was, however, still higher than previous year’s result of 23 per cent in the same period.

“For the overall housing market, we expect home prices to have peaked in 2021 August, and [it] is potentially subject to a 7 to 10 per cent downside until 2022 June,” said Josephine Lee, head of retail banking at Citi Hong Kong, adding that factors such as front-loaded future demand, stock market corrections that affect home buying sentiment and policy risk concerns were to blame.

The Citi Residential Property Ownership Survey has been running since 2010 and a random sample of more than 500 Hong Kong respondents was polled for it by the University of Hong Kong Social Sciences Research Centre in September.

The drop in the third quarter was down to prospective homeowners entering the market earlier in the first half of 2021, Lee said. This was due to buyers being optimistic about an economic recovery in Hong Kong, as well as a relative easing in the city’s Covid-19 outbreak, she added. “This leads to the housing market being more quiet for the next 12 months. So in this quarter, it is reasonable for less respondents to expect the property price to rise ,” she said.

The Hong Kong property market remained supported by positive structural factors, including a shortage of housing supply and long-term economic growth upon the reopening of the border with mainland China, Lee added.

“Looking at the overall drop [ in property prices], this a very minor adjustment,” a property agent said on the other hand. Housing prices had, in fact, peaked during July according to government data, he added, and August and September had seen a combined fall of about 0.5 per cent.

Previous peaks in Hong Kong’s housing prices in 2018 and 2019 were followed by adjustment periods of six to nine months, where they coincided with different events, the agent added.

“In 2018, there was the trade war between the United States and China. In 2019, there was the social unrest [in Hong Kong],” the agent said. “In this year’s adjustment period, we don’t see the emergence of any similar unfavourable conditions, so the adjustment period will be relatively shorter.”

If the reopening of the border with China proceeds as planned, and no other unfavourable conditions appear, housing prices will rise by 5 per cent next year, the agent said.

Elsewhere, the city’s overall property transactions, including those of residential, commercial and industrial properties, as well as parking spaces, fell to a nine-month low of 6,250 in October, according to the latest Land Registry data. Transactions were down 15.5 per cent month on month compared with the 7,400 deals recorded in September. A total of 6,212 deals were concluded in January this year.

Hong Kong’s lived-in home prices, meanwhile, fell by 0.4 per cent to 396.3 in September, according to a government index published last month. It was their steepest fall since October 2020, when it retreated by 0.5 per cent, according to the property agency.

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面積947 交吉近三個月











北角海景大廈全層1.32億沽 呎價1.03萬24年升值1.4倍





















據城規會文件顯示,上述項目位於土瓜灣旭日街21號,目前屬「住宅 (戊類)」地帶,申請改劃為擬議分層住宅、商店及服務行業及食肆;地盤面積5805方呎,申請重建成為一幢24層高 (另有2層地庫) 的分層住宅、商鋪及食肆,包括43538方呎住宅樓面,將會提供110伙, 另有8708方呎非住用樓面,即可建總樓面約5.2萬方呎。



銅鑼灣波斯富街 大手成交頻現


近月銅鑼灣整體交投增加,並集中波斯富街,其中銅鑼灣利園山道23、25號 (部分)、波斯富街72號及波斯富街74號 (前段) 的4間地舖,及16個分布於同廈1至5樓的住宅單位,早前進行招標。資料顯示,該批單位近日以12.8億元沽出。據了解,是次涉及樓面合共約1.2萬平方呎,當中涉及4地舖,而舖位價值甚高,整批物業收購呎價約10.7萬元。


新世界12.8 收購舊樓


據了解,是次項目由新世界 (00017) 或有關人士購入。集團本身已擁有逾6成業權,如今以12.8億元購入該批單位,取得關鍵的兩成業權後,估計已成功收購逾8成業權,換言之,已達8成強拍門檻,可望加快收購進度。


寶富大廈地舖 6000萬沽





市況穩定 發展商加快沽非核心舖



華懋逾1.9 售兩護老院舖


另外,嘉里 (00683) 以約3.5億元,沽出西營盤縉城峰基座商舖,由本地投資者承接。涉及物業地下至2樓,以及6個車位,總面積約15,891平方呎,涉及10個舖位。由於附近均為住宅區,商舖全為民生商舖,租客包括超市、餐廳等。項目每月租金收入約70.4萬元,回報率約2.4厘。



永旺租啟德體育園 開AEON STYLE

啟德人口增加,吸引商戶進駐。永旺 (00984) 表示,將租用啟德體育園室內體育館,開設百貨AEON STYLE。

年期共9 涉金額3730


據悉,2018年新世界發展 (00017) 及新創建 (00659) 旗下Kai Tak Sports Park Ltd. (即啟德體育園有限公司) 投得「啟德體育園」項目設計、興建及營運合約,為期25年,涉及總樓面約60萬平方呎,包括零售及餐飲,主要位於室內場館內。

集團表示,將會開設旗下百貨「AEON STYLE」,為永旺旗下大型百貨及超市,暫時在港設有數間AEON STYLE,分別位於旺角家樂坊、黃埔新天地以及鰂魚涌康怡廣場。




實體需求減 銀行沽自用舖