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Property market on the upswing as Covid wanes

Hong Kong's property market has regained its momentum with both primary and secondary markets performing well over the past few days amid the waning fifth Covid wave in the city.

All 388 homes at The Grand Mayfair I in Yuen Long on offer in the first round of sales sold out last Friday, and the remaining 327 units will be put on the market tomorrow, said the developers.

These homes were over 12 times oversubscribed after attracting more than 4,300 checks, they said.

On offer are 103 one-bedroom flats, 173 with two bedrooms, and 51 with three bedrooms, which are priced from HK$6.45 million to HK$14.91 million after discounts.

The 715-flat project is phase 1A of a 2,200-flat mega development that is being jointly developed by Sino Land (0083), K Wah International (0173) and China Overseas Land and Investment (0688).

The prices of phase 1B, which provides 805 flats, will be announced soon after the Wednesday sales, the developers said.

In Tai Kok Tsui, The Quinn Square Mile recorded at least 51 transactions as of Sunday, said the developer Henderson Land Development (0012), which cashed in nearly HK$330 million from the sales.

In Kai Tak, Henderson's project The Henley II kicks off sales of 98 homes today, including 92 on price lists and six by tenders.

The builder said it has collected over 350 checks for the 92 units on the lists, meaning the flats were more than 2.7 times oversubscribed.

Meanwhile, 10 defaulted flats at Sea to Sky, or phase eight of Lohas Park in Tseung Kwan O will be put up for sale again this Friday, said the developers CK Asset (1113) and MTR Corporation (0066).

The completed units, ranging from 468 square feet to 1,054 sq ft, are available for viewing, they said.

In the secondary market, a total of 21 deals were recorded in the 10 major housing estates over the weekend, the same as last week, and above the 20-mark for the seventh week in a row, according to property agency.

Property agent said that the secondary transactions did not decline despite the sales of new projects, reflecting that buyers still have strong interests in the property market.

The agent expects that there will be around 1,500 first-hand deals this month and the overall real estate prices will bounce back as well.

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‘The worst is over’ for Hong Kong’s shops segment, with rents and prices to recover on better consumer sentiment

Hong Kong’s shop market can expect a V-shaped rebound in transaction volume and prices in the second half, says Bridgeway CEO Lee

Prime street shop rents have continued to fall since the social unrest in mid-2019, taking the cumulative decline in value to 75 per cent from 2013

Hong Kong’s shop market is likely to see a V-shaped rebound this year as the easing of social distancing measures following the fifth wave of coronavirus outbreak in the city puts consumer spending back on track.

Shop rents could increase by up to 10 per cent in residential areas and by as much as 20 per cent in core areas, said Edwin Lee, founder and CEO of Bridgeway Prime Shop Fund Management.

“The worst for the shop market is over,” said Lee. “I expect that as the pandemic subsides, and with [subsequent] border reopening at home, there will be a V-shaped rebound in the sales volume and transaction prices [of shops] in the second half of the year.”

The prices of shops will increase by 5 to 10 per cent in residential areas and by 10 to 15 per cent in prime areas, he forecasts.

Prime street shop rents weakened 5 per cent in the first quarter this year, adding to a three-year slump. They tumbled by one-third in 2019 in the wake of the social unrest, followed by another 23.4 per cent in 2020 and 4.3 per cent in 2021 amid the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a property agency.

Overall, they have crashed by around 75 per cent since the first quarter of 2013, when the Individual Visit Scheme drew the most number of mainland travellers to the city.

Lee’s optimism is shared by other market insiders.

“Rents in traditional tourist areas will definitely increase by 10 to 20 per cent, as most of the shops in prime areas have seen rents fall by as much as 70 per cent from their highs,” a surveyor said.

On the other hand, the surveyor said that the rent increases in residential neighbourhoods will be sluggish, as unlike core areas where rents slumped during the pandemic, they moved higher in the same time span.

Meanwhile, the city recorded 288 shop transactions in the first three months this year, the lowest since 248 deals in the second quarter of 2020, according to Land Registry data. The value fell to HK$7.58 billion (US$966 million), the least since the first quarter of 2021.

“Even if there is a sixth wave, [prices] will not drop greatly [as] buyers feel they can bet on it, considering the [low] prices now,” a property agent said, adding that selling prices will be largely flat moving forward.

Russell Street, once the world’s most expensive retail strip, has recently seen a few short-term tenancies of face-mask shops. These retailers sometimes land a bargain, paying as little as HK$80,000 per month, which is about 15 to 25 per cent of peak rents seen in 2013.

With consumers unleashing “revenge spending” in the market, Bridgeway last month found a tenant for its street-level shop in Sheung Wan, who paid significantly higher than the previous client, Lee said.

The company signed a five-year lease for the 2,300-sq ft shop, with a fixed monthly rent of HK$130,000 for the first two years versus HK$100,000 previously, he added. The rate will increase to HK$143,000 per month thereafter.

(South China Morning Post)


信和 Landmark South 招租 呎租逾30

信和集團今年兩寫字樓項目落成,集團現先推出黃竹坑 Landmark South 甲廈招租,呎租約30餘元;而下半年將推出元朗One North項目,兩項目合共提供約80萬呎樓面。集團認為今年市場整體商廈供應多,具特色的商廈仍有需求,而集團整體商廈出租率約9成。

信和集團及帝國合作發展的黃竹坑業勤街39號全新甲廈項目 Landmark South,預計今年第2季落成,樓高31層,總樓面達256,957平方呎,包括16層甲廈、3層零售空間及藝術展覽廳,另提供佔地9,000平方呎空中花園。藝術發展局將於此開設一個約5,000平方呎的多用途藝術展覽,另項目最頂兩層29及30樓,享特高樓底,項目可望今年8月入伙。

黃竹坑甲廈 已錄成交

信和集團資產管理董事蔡碧林表示,Landmark South 現進行招租,單位面積約1,497至1.4萬平方呎,呎租約30餘元。她指因疫情關係,招租工作及睇樓活動最近才開始,暫時反應不俗,已獲室內設計、私募基金等機構視察,並已錄得數宗細單位成交。項目賣點上,她表示項目鄰近港鐵站,而黃竹坑本身與中環僅數站之距,租金差幅大,亦鄰近南區,地點甚理想。

集團對上一次新寫字樓項目落成已為2008年,而今年更有兩幢甲廈推出,位於元朗One North,為集團在2015年以16.9億元投得,鄰近港鐵朗屏站,涉及2座樓高14層商廈,寫字樓面積約44.5萬平方呎,另商場零售面積約11.3萬平方呎,合共總樓面面積55.8萬平方呎。

元朗One North 料第三季招租





更多Landmark South寫字樓出租樓盤資訊請參閱:Landmark South寫字樓出租



租務市場將轉好 租金企穩

整體商廈租金穩定, 有代理行預計,隨着租務需求上升,租務市場將轉好,租金亦企穩。



IWG租全幢商廈 港島最大手


港島區最大手租務,為IWG集團租用灣仔皇后大道東8號全幢 (8QRE),開設Spaces辦公中心,而8QRE Spaces預計於2022年7月開幕。該集團指,該中心將提供超過900個辦公位置及70間私人辦公室,同時預留5層空間作企業專屬套間。除了服務式辦公室,其中兩層更將改造為「商務俱樂部」。業內人士預計,是次成交呎租料約45元,該廈總樓面約8萬平方呎,原由忠利保險租用。據悉,2019年共享空間品牌WeWork亦曾預租該廈全幢,惟最終取消,如今由IWG接手。


九龍寫字樓租金 末季將回升













鰂魚涌海裕街地皮放售 可建40萬呎



有外資代理行表示,獲接管人委託,招標出售鰂魚涌海裕街內地段第8590號餘段及內地段第8723號餘段,項目截標日期為2022年7月7日 (星期四) 中午12時正。

項目原由太平協和持有,去年3月獲通過有關原址換地申請,擬換地後的地盤面積或可達91,838平方呎,經補地價後,或可提供建築面積約400,000平方呎樓面,興建5幢34米至41米 (主水平基準以上) 的低矮建築物,作為酒店和辦公室用途,平台設4.1萬平方呎的觀景平台。




九龍灣億京中心 享海景樓面大


億京中心位於九龍灣宏光道,而地段屬區內核心商業地段,附近為企業廣場一期企業廣場二期企業廣場五期 Megabox、恩浩國際中心等商廈群,商業氣氛理想。交通方面,由港鐵九龍灣站前往該廈,步行需15分鐘以上,稍為不便,而大廈設有接駁巴士前往港鐵站,另若坐車前往啟德則約5至10分鐘車程。此外,Megabox商場附近亦有多條巴士綫,可前往港島,交通整體來說仍算方便。




單位四正 間隔靈活












高層多戶招租 呎租約21元起



有代理表示, A座28樓多個單位現正放租,涉及該層A至D室,面積由1,788至4,492平方呎,意向呎租約21元起。據了解,該層樓面由一本地廠家持有多年作收租之用,現可因應不同客戶需求,靈活安排把個別單位打通使用。由於屬高層樓面,單位享極開揚海景,非常舒適。








尖沙咀新港中心 中層戶意向呎價1.9萬


意向租金5.2 每呎36










4月整體樓宇買賣 代理行估4700宗

有地產代理行統計,4月 (截至27日止) 整體樓宇買賣合約登記 (包括住宅、車位及工商舖物業) 暫錄4,016宗及311.4億元。預計全月錄4,700宗及370億元,將較3月份分別上升22.8%及6.2%。