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Presales approved for Kai Tak's One Victoria

China Overseas Land and Investment (0688) has received presale consent for One Victoria in Kai Tak and expects it to be the first residential project to go on sale on the former Kai Tak airport runway.

The developer expects to release the sales brochure for the 1,059-flat project next week.

The project sits in Kai Tak Area 4B Site 2, which has a site area of 97,392 sq ft and a maximum gross floor area of 594,082 sq ft. China Overseas won the tender for the residential plot for HK$8.03 billion, or HK$13,523 per buildable sq ft in December 2018.

Two years later in December 2020, the state-run mainland developer also won the tender for another residential plot, Kai Tak Area 4E Site 1, for HK$4.27 billion.

Meanwhile, stamp duty collected from property transactions surged by 62.1 percent month-on-month to about HK$1.41 billion last month, hitting a half-year high, data from the Inland Revenue Department showed.

The number of property transactions subject to stamp duty increased by 82.03 percent from a month before to 628, reaching a five-month high.

Buyers' stamp duty collected rose by 28.22 percent month-on-month to HK$239 million, and the number of cases involved rose 83.87 percent to 114 last month.

The amount of double stamp duty applied to residential property transactions went up by 74.91 percent month-on-month to HK$1.14 billion.

In the luxury property market, former singer Cally Kwong Mei-wan sold a 693-sq-ft flat at Dragons Range in Sha Tin for HK$9.78 million, or HK$14,113 per sq ft. Kwong, who bought the flat for HK$8.7 million in 2014, will gain HK$1.08 million.

Pamela Chung, managing director commercial of Hong Kong at Tricor, bought a 771-sq-ft flat at South Horizons in Ap Lei Chau for HK$14.46 million, or HK$18,755 per sq ft.

(The Standard)


Goldman joins ranks of property agencies and Morgan Stanley in forecasting rise in Hong Kong home prices this year

City’s residential property prices have already risen 4 per cent year-to-date and Goldman says it expects a 5 per cent rise for this year

Opening of border between Hong Kong and mainland China to benefit sales of luxury flats, Central office take-up and retail premises’ rents

US investment bank Goldman Sachs has joined a chorus of property market observers forecasting an increase in Hong Kong home prices this year.

“Given high property prices, very low interest rates but an improving economy, we expect gradual property price increases in line with household income growth for the residential market,” the bank said in a report led by analyst Gurpreet Singh Sahi. “We believe [an] easing of Covid-19-related border restrictions between Hong Kong and mainland China would benefit the sale of luxury residential flats, Central office take-up and retail premises’ rent.”

Optimism is growing for home prices to climb and break records as concerns about recession, rising unemployment and the coronavirus pandemic have largely subsided recently. Some industry reports, such as retail sales and brisk sales at new launches, are pointing to early signs of recovery in the city’s economy.

The city’s residential property prices have already risen 4 per cent year-to-date, and Goldman said in its June 4 report that it expected a 5 per cent rise for this year. Prices could rise by another 5 per cent in 2022, as the border opens up, before easing to a 3 per cent gain in 2023.

As far as retail and industrial property was concerned, the bank expected a recovery of 5 per cent this year after a “painful” 2019 and 2020. “We believe prices have corrected meaningfully and that retail sales are rising in Hong Kong and mainland China. Year-to-date prices have recovered post their steep correction over the last two years,” Goldman said.

Office prices would, however, decline 5 per cent this year, be flat next year and record a modest recovery of 2 per cent in 2023. “We believe this market could continue to be pressured by the work-from-home dynamic, but the negative force [will] be somewhat offset by the Hong Kong-mainland China border opening,” Goldman said.

Hong Kong property developers were seeing their best relative performance since 2012, driven by a notable pick-up in residential market transactions, prices and low-interest rates, the US bank said.

One of the major Hong Kong property agency, was the most bullish and expected a 15 per cent surge in home prices in 2021. Home prices were likely to see a breakthrough in the third quarter and this will be followed by an obvious rising trend, its founder said on Tuesday. Prices were only 2 per cent to 3 per cent below the record in 2019, he added.

The agency’s market index, which tracks home prices in 100 housing estates, stood at 185.16 as of last month, just 2.8 per cent lower than the peak of 190.48 in June 2019. Agent said their forecast had not even taken into account the reopening of the border.

“With short supply and an improved economy, people have regained their confidence in [the] property market, particularly luxury homes,” the agent added.

For instance, a 3,695 sq ft flat at Sino Group’s St George’s Mansions, a luxury property in Ho Man Tin, sold for HK$260 million (US$33.51 million) on Tuesday. The price was the highest for flats in Kowloon this year, according to the developer.

US bank Morgan Stanley and real estate agencies have also forecast home price rises of 3 per cent to 5 per cent. Morgan Stanley estimated in a report in April that Hong Kong home prices will rise 3 per cent in 2021 and 5 per cent next year, driven by a combination of low supply, decent demand, low interest rates and limited scope for tighter regulation.

An property agency said on Tuesday that home prices were expected to rise by 5 per cent in the second half of this year and return to their June 2019 peak in the third quarter.

The agency said that the economic recovery in Hong Kong had driven a residential transaction upsurge by 20 per cent quarter on quarter, which had reached a nine-year high and a peak since 2012. New home supply over the next two years remained low at an average of about 19,100 units per year, it added.

(South China Morning Post)


中環中心 39樓 連沽5伙套現3.3億

近月頻頻沽貨的「磁帶大王」陳秉志,推出中環中心 39樓最後5伙,並減價約1成,即時全數沽出,套現約3.3億元。

消息指,中環中心 39樓多個單位獲承接,包括01、07、11、12及13室,面積由1,995平方呎至2,769平方呎,如3901室,面積約2,726平方呎,以約8,924萬元成交,呎價約3.3萬元。據悉,該批單位由陳秉志持有,早年分拆出售,尚餘5單位,近日再度推出。為配合銷售,業主提供優惠,每個單位回贈1,000萬元,變相減價逾1成。由於價格相對吸引,業主推出僅兩天,5單位均獲承接,業主套現約3.3億元。連同之前售出單位,該層樓面12個單位全數售出,涉資共約9.5億元。











疫情稍放緩,甲廈市場氣氛改善,資深投資者趁機出貨。「磁帶大王」陳秉志持有的中環中心 39樓,該層於推出津貼優惠後,以3.13億連環沽售出四單位,並錄全層售罄,成交呎價介乎3.06萬至3.27萬,屬市價水平。

「磁帶大王」陳秉志昨日向本報表示,由其持有的中環中心 39樓昨日連錄4宗成交,分別為3901、11、12及13室,面積由1995至2769方呎,合共涉資逾3.13億,其中,3901室,面積2726方呎,以約8924.1萬售出,呎價約32737元;另一成交為3912室,面積2388方呎,以8924.1萬易手,呎價約32737元。









億京財團斥105億購九龍灣國際展貿中心 有意重建甲級商廈或大型住宅用途





據悉,今番由億京為首財團投得,財團組合以信和及資本策略呼聲高。事實上,過往億京亦曾與信和及資本策略則有合作的經驗,該組合於六年前以約三十億元投得同區偉業街三十八號地皮,發展甲廈 (現址富臨中心),故很有機會再次合作。本報於上月中率先披露,由億京牽頭財團以逾百億將向合和實業購入九龍灣國際展貿中心


有測量師指出,該廈現址佔地二十三萬九千八百方呎,樓高十四層 (另有四層地庫),規劃為其他指定用途「工業展覽館及商業發展」,重建商廈地積比最高十二倍,可重建總樓面二百八十七萬七千六百方呎,較目前多出逾一百一十萬呎,惟重建必須要補地價。













據土地註冊處資料顯示,觀塘寧晉中心高層A室,於上月中以2820萬成交,買家以公司名義富泰實業發展有限公司 (FU TAI INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED) 登記,註冊董事為伯恩光學創辦人楊建文及其妻子林惠英,以面積2657方呎計,呎價約10613元。


原業主於2010年以1394.9萬購入,以公司名義理善有限公司 (WORILL LIMITED持有),註冊董事分別為鍾、江及梁姓人士,持貨11年帳面獲利1425.1萬,期間升值約1.02倍。











卓匯中心全層放售 意向呎價1.29萬


樓層高 開揚景 三面單邊

代理指,有業主放售長沙灣青山道483A號卓匯中心 33樓全層,單位面積約5,990平方呎,意向呎價約1.29萬元,叫價約7,727.1萬元,單位將以交吉形式出售,買家可作自用或投資之用。上址質素上乘,屬三面單邊,樓底高逾4.1米,更特顯內籠間隔通透的優點,單位同時可遠眺維港海景及開揚山景,視野開揚,另外單位可負重約5kPa,以應不同行業需要。

同步放租 每呎叫28









桂洪集團9800萬 沽灣仔舊樓全幢



現址為3層高舊樓的聖佛蘭士街12號,據土地註冊處資料顯示,在上月中以9,800萬元易手,原業主為KWAI HUNG REALTY COMPANY LIMITED,即是由已故「釘王」陳桂洪創立的桂洪集團。

持貨46 帳面大賺9781

桂洪集團在1975年以僅19萬元購入該舊樓,持貨46年,帳面大賺9,781萬元,升值近515倍,相當驚人。該舊樓佔地僅900平方呎,屬「住宅 (甲類)」規劃用途,以地積比率8倍計算,可建樓面約7,200平方呎,每呎樓面地價約1.36萬元。

桂洪集團由陳桂洪創立,據指因為在中環持有唐樓單位獲發展商高價收購賺得第一桶金,便開始在舊樓「落釘」。據稱曾在北角水星街以幾百萬元落釘,最終大賺逾億元,故此被外界稱為「釘王」。其後創辦桂洪集團成為中小型發展商,近期則計劃推出紅磡新盤曼翹 (MANGROVE)。

至於新買家則為EVER GENIUS LIMITED,註冊董事包括鄭栢洋等,不排除今次是財團購入作重建之用。




山頂豪盤MOUNT NICHOLSON車位早前以天價售出,該批買家身分逐步曝光。德永佳前執行副主席潘機澤及其妻子香美娟以920萬購入該豪宅1個車位;為繼德永佳執行董事潘浩德以3568萬購入該豪宅3個車位,該家族共斥約4488萬連掃車位。


由九倉及南豐合作發展、會德豐地產負責銷售的山頂MOUNT NICHOLSON,據土地註冊處資料顯示,項目95號車位於上月底以920萬售出,買家以潘機澤 (POON KEI CHAK) 及香美娟 (HEUNG MI KUEN MIRANER) 登記,前者為德永佳前執行副主席,後者為其妻子。