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Henderson Land to sell 820 flats in first half

Henderson Land Development (0012) will offer 820 new homes in Tai Po and Cheung Sha Wan in the first half of the year, joining the queue for launching new projects.

Thomas Lam Tat-man, a general manager of sales, said the developer will launch sales for Mei Sun Lane in Tai Po in the second quarter, involving 120 flats.

Another project in the pipeline is the first phase of a project on Berwick Street in Cheung Sha Wan, which will provide 700 flats.

Lam says developers will focus on reducing inventories this year, though he believes the worst is over for the beleaguered property market.

He also expects the transactions will rise by 30 percent.

Last week, Vanke Hong Kong, said it plans to launch two projects offering over 2,000 flats this year.

In the primary market, a three-bedroom flat at St George's Mansions in Ho Man Tin sold for HK$72 million or HK$39,152 per square foot. The Sino Land (0083) project has recorded 42 deals so far.

In other news, The Nate in Tsim Sha Tsui has been put up for sale by tender with an asking price of HK$550 million, an international property agency said.

The property has a retail podium from the ground to fourth floor, and co-living residential units with a total gross floor area of about 32,000 square feet from the 5th to 12th floor.

The agency said the price shows a significant discount compared with pre-pandemic levels, without revealing the figure.

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Hong Kong’s luxury homes market shows signs of life as waves of price discounts entice some bottom fishing

Hong Kong’s luxury home prices have been hit by high interest rates and macroeconomic uncertainties, triggering sharp discounts

Although the city’s luxury property prices fell by around 8 per cent in 2023, the number of deals posted a 31 per cent year-on-year increase

Hong Kong’s luxury home segment, which has been hit by a wave of deep discounts amid soaring interest rates and macroeconomic turbulence, has shown early signs of stability as bottom fishing has emerged in one of the world’s priciest real estate market.

The city’s luxury property prices fell by around 8 per cent in 2023, and 15 per cent from the peak in July 2018, according to an international property agency. But a total of 173 deals involving units priced at US$10 million or more were recorded last year, a 31 per cent year-on-year increase, according to another international property agency. Value volumes rose 13 per cent year on year to HK$25.5 billion.

A three-storey detached house located at 15 Moorsom, Jardine’s Lookout with an area of about 3,154 sq ft and two parking spaces, has been put up for sale at a 17 per cent discount, according to nother international property agency, which has been appointed property agent for the sale.

The asking price has been lowered to HK$190 million from HK$230 million by the owners, a local business family, according to a property agent.

“The reduction in prices is due to reasons like high interest rates and macroeconomic uncertainties,” the agent said on Monday, adding that discounted prices are an emerging trend as “buyers will not purchase properties at market price nowadays and they will show more interest to those which are below”.

“We have received more general enquiries from the luxury residential market as very high-end property prices have been adjusted downward [more],” the agent said.

The agent expects there will be a rebound in transactions in the short term if the government announces policies to boost the property market during the coming budget plan.

Speculations have grown that Paul Chan Mo-po, Hong Kong’s finance chief, could relax property market curbs further during his budget speech on February 28, after Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu, the city’s leader, rolled back some curbs in his policy address last year.

Lee halved the homebuyers’ stamp duty for non-permanent residents and for additional properties. The move brought down both these duties to 7.5 per cent from the previous 15 per cent.

Moreover, professionals arriving in the city under different talent recruitment schemes are only required to pay stamp duty on property purchases if they fail to become permanent residents after the statutory seven years have elapsed.

Last month, a mainland Chinese buyer linked to the founder of Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics, snapped up an ultra-luxury house at The Peak in Hong Kong at a 35 per cent discount.

The mansion, 25-26 A&B Lugard Road, sold for HK$838 million (US$107 million), or HK$71,703 per square foot, according to the second property agency, the sole agent.

Foreclosed luxury properties have also been offered at large discounts. Last week, a penthouse at Kennedy Park At Central in Mid-Levels was sold at a discount of 52 per cent compared to its purchase price 11 years ago.

The property market has seen sentiment cooling during the Lunar New Year as outbound travels increased and as some buyers awaited the forthcoming budget plan.

Only 13 first-hand transactions were recorded during the five-day holiday period, an eight-year low, while only four second-hand transactions were recorded from the 35 housing estates, a 23-year low, according to a local property agency.

Another agent said on Friday that Hong Kong should do away with property sector cooling measures altogether as declines in the real estate and stock markets are putting Hongkongers’ assets at risk.

Many unfavourable factors had emerged in the city’s property market, including an increase in the number of homes with negative equity, a high inventory of new flats, fewer transactions and a slump in property prices, the agent said.

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麗新等5.3億沽藍塘傲商場 華潤隆地奪標呼聲高 回報逾5厘









市場消息指,新買家為華潤隆地,早前亦斥資3.1億,向資深投資者羅守輝旗下的 TOYOMALL 購入葵芳 KF88 葵芳匯基座商場,面積約2.2萬方呎,作為華潤旗下機構,華潤隆地看好香港,認為受加息及經濟下行影響,零售物業價格顯著回落,不良資產數目明顯增加,怛情況有所改善,未來會出現谷底反彈。



尖沙咀 THE NATE 全幢放售

尖沙咀 THE NATE 全幢共居式住宅放售,市值5.5億,物業地下至4樓為零售基座,5樓至12樓則為共居式住宅,總建築面積約3.2萬方呎,現狀連約出售,公開要約,截止日期3月26日。



THE NATE 位於彌敦道176號,山林道交界,現時零售及住宅出租率分別100%及90%,受惠於「高才通計劃」,下學年起大學非本地生學額提升一倍等政策,預料對住宅和共居式住宅租賃需求增加。













企業趁甲廈租金平 紛升級擴充


甲廈租務近期稍增,包括銅鑼灣 Tower 535 商廈錄全層租務,涉及中層單位,面積約1.1萬平方呎,成交呎租約40元。新租客為內地外賣平台巨頭美團,現時 Tower 535 地下,亦有貼上其外賣品牌 KeeTa 的宣傳廣告。

美團較早前已租用商廈單位,涉及元朗全新甲廈朗壹廣場,1個數百平方呎細單位。是次租用銅鑼灣全層寫字樓,料作集團主要辦公室之用,亦顯示集團將在港長遠發展。去年5月,美團外賣APP「KeeTa」正式攻港,對撼香港主要2大外賣平台 foodpanda 及 deliveroo。

跨國企業升級及擴充,消息稱,太古坊二座錄得大手租務,涉及物業兩層,面積約4.5萬平方呎,以每呎約45元租出。據悉,新租客為國際名牌集團 LVMH,旗下包括有 LV、DIOR,以及多個名錶品牌等。

LVMH同區升級 太古坊二座


東九龍方面,觀塘海濱道 Two Harbour Square 錄得大手租務,涉及物業22及23樓全層,每層面積約3萬平方呎,合共約6萬平方呎,以每平方呎約23元租出,屬市價水平。新租客為一家跨國工程顧問公司,主要業務包括大型工程、設計等。據悉,該機構目前租用 Two Harbour Square 半層樓面,如今大幅擴充至兩層。

華潤租中港城 呎租約30





更多Tower 535寫字樓出租樓盤資訊請參閱:Tower 535 寫字樓出租




更多Two Harbour Square寫字樓出租樓盤資訊請參閱:Two Harbour Square 寫字樓出租





樂風大角咀新商廈 料今年推


資料顯示,樂風旗下大角咀必發道商廈 ONE BEDFORD PLACE,上月已經完成補地價,涉及補價金額4.1431億元。地盤位於必發道100至114號,前身為工廈,佔地約10,042平方呎,如以其最高可建樓面約14.46萬平方呎計,是次每平方呎補價約2,865元

集團最新表示,現正積極落實推售時間表,將適時公布詳情。而根據發展商早前透露,項目會發展為1幢30層高的甲級商廈,計劃連同比鄰同系新式工廈項目 TWO BEDFORD PLACE,於今年推出市場。




九龍灣億京中心 核心地段望維港



AB座可打通 樓面達2.5萬呎




飲食配套方面,物業附近有少量餐廳,若時間充裕,可選擇步行約5至10分鐘,到鄰近的 Megabox 商場,內有大量餐廳可供選擇。










中層C室放售 意向價1322萬



B室放租 呎租低見16