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Morgan Stanley cuts home price forecast on slowdown

Morgan Stanley cut the full-year Hong Kong home price growth projection from 10 percent to 8 percent as transactions and investment demand slow.

The bank noted that while Hong Kong residential prices have risen by approximately 7 percent since reaching a trough in December, a slowdown in the market is anticipated due to a decline in transaction volume and weak investment demand, suggesting that the upward trend may pause temporarily.

Morgan Stanley expresses a more optimistic outlook for the office market compared to that of the residential, saying office rents are reaching a bottoming point whereas the rebound in residential prices is expected to experience a slight slowdown.

In the secondary market, a two-bedroom unit at The Capitol in Lohas Park sold for HK$6.6 million, following the recent discovery of a load-bearing wall being knocked down in a flat there.

The apartment, measuring 519 square feet in size, was initially listed with an asking price of around HK$7.2 million.

According to a property agency, recent transaction prices for similar apartments in the area were around HK$7 million.

The original owner acquired the flat in March 2008 for HK$3.85 million and has held it for over 15 years, resulting in a profit of HK$2.75 million or a property appreciation exceeding 71 percent.

Meanwhile, a flat located in Island Garden, Shau Kei Wan, was recently sold at a price HK$2.76 million lower than its value six years ago.

The three-bedroom flat, spanning an area of 862 sq ft, was sold for HK$13.5 million, which is about 16 percent below the original asking price of around HK$16 million.

The previous owner acquired the flat in 2017 for HK$16.26 million and held it for six years before reselling it.

In the primary market, real estate developer Hip Shing Hong has named their project at No. 121 Shau Kei Wan Main Street East as "Oria." This development offers a total of 156 flats.

The sales brochure for Oria is expected to be uploaded soon, with the first batch due to be launched within this month.

Majestic Elite Property Development has announced the upcoming launch of tenders for five flats on Po Shan Road in Mid-Levels. The flats boast areas ranging from 2,098 to 2,206 sq ft.

The developer offers "occupation before completion" and "rent-to-own" plans for buyers.

Meanwhile, Sun Hung Kai Properties (0016) expects a 5 to 10 percent price increase for the upcoming releases of phase 2A of Novo Land in Tuen Mun.

(The Standard)


Hong Kong property deals hit 4-month low in May due to fewer new launches and weak buyer sentiment, a property agency says

The number of property deals fell 8 per cent to 5,268 last month, according to a property agency’s data

Boost from border reopening has started to fade, property agency says

Property transactions in Hong Kong slid to a four-month low in May as developers slowed down with new launches amid weaker buying sentiment following several rounds of interest-rate hikes, with analysts expecting the trend to persist in the short term.

The number of property deals fell 8 per cent to 5,268 last month, compared to 5,746 in April, according to data from a property agency. The corresponding transaction value shrank 26 per cent to a three-month low of HK$45.5 billion. The firm forecasts June transactions to reach about 5,350.

“After the strong performance in the first quarter, the property market started to see some months-long consolidation in April and May” an agent said. “With the boost from the border reopening starting to fade, the market is starting to cool down and is in a wait-and-see mode.”

The market will not see significant recovery until July at the earliest, the agent added.

Prices of lived-in homes in the city also dropped slightly, according to the an agency’s market index, a weekly gauge that tracks major banks’ valuations of used properties compiled by the agency, one of the biggest real estate agencies in the city.

The index fell to 58.33 in the week ended June 3, from 62.50 a week ago, the second time the index has fallen below 60 in the last three weeks since the rate hikes in early May, according to the agency.

The number of first-hand residential property transactions saw a 38 per cent decline to 943 last month, while the transaction value slumped 58 per cent to HK$10.87 billion from a month earlier, according to the agency.

The decline was mainly due to the slowdown of new property launches by developers, as well as the impact of local banks raising interest rates following the Federal Reserve’s rate hike, the agent said.

The second-hand housing market saw a slight increase of 1 per cent month on month, according to another agency. The city recorded 2,655 such deals in May worth HK$24.8 billion, mainly due to the higher number of registration days versus April.

Faced with price competition from new properties, the second-hand market is expected to underperform in June, the agent said.

However, due to the expected launch of new projects and strong performance of commercial and industrial units, overall transactions in the first-hand property market are forecast to improve this month, the agent added.

(South China Morning Post)


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原業主為鄧成波家族,波叔於2015年,以約1.58億元向宏安 (01222) 購入舖位,近年家族成員曾放售物業,並多番降價,現以約1.5億元沽出,持貨8年帳面蝕約800萬元。


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CHANEL近年在港維持分店數字不變,並不時趁有交吉舖位,開設數月期間限定店。如2021年,短租中環皇后大道中8號地下,作CHANEL FACTORY 5期間限定香水店。品牌於銅鑼灣區亦有兩間分店,分別位於時代廣場利園二期商場內,如今再增加據點,料售賣品牌手袋、化粧品等。


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業界:趁市況回穩 提早覓靚位

自從本年初通關,內地旅客相隔3年後重返香港,零售商開始見有商機,即加快租舖,旺角、尖沙咀及銅鑼灣等零售核心區,錄得逾20多宗藥房、藥粧店租務個案。至於國際品牌方面,較大手為Swatch Group以約100萬元,租用中環豐樂行多層共8千呎舖位,將開設旗下名錶Omega作旗艦店,現正進行裝修。











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物業基座6層舖位,包括地庫、地下,以及1至4樓,總樓面51,158平方呎,早年曾由不同商戶租用,大家樂、Giordano時裝、屈臣氏等。2010年,當時為自由行旅客來港消費高峰期,業主把整個基座多層,租給單一租客,韓國時裝品牌forever 21以「天價」1,100萬元租用設旗艦店,其後於2011年開業,而2016年,旅客消費漸放緩,品牌提早遷出。

疫情爆發 近3年空置

及至2016年,多層舖位由國際服裝品牌Victoria's Secret以約700萬元租用,並於2017年開業,可是2020年初疫情爆發,全球零售業受壓,該品牌進行環球縮減業務,2020年6月未完約下突結業。如今獲國際品牌CHANEL以400萬元租用其中兩層。



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